Woodland Services


We provide the following high quality services

  • Arboricultural Surveys
  • Design Plans for New Woodlands
  • Landscape Plans
  • Ecological and Habitat Management Plans
  • Golf Course Strategy Plans
  • Management Plans for Existing Trees and Woodlands
  • Grant Applications and Advice
  • Felling Licence Applications
  • Educational Seminars and Presentations

The services offered can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the client and the project.


  • Timber Harvesting and Management
  • Maintenance Programmes for New Planting
  • Sporting Management
  • Tree Inspection and Safety Reports

Practical Work

  • Tree Planting and Maintenance
  • Tree Surgery
  • Fencing, Gates, Seats and Furniture
  • Footpath Construction
  • Farm Woodlands and Shelter Belts
  • Woodland Thinning
  • Harvesting and Marketing


  • Trees: Range of Sizes
  • Shelters, Guards, Stakes

For information on our range of services please contact us either through our contact page or call us on 00 44 (0) 191 384 2556 for a discussion. We are always happy to offer advice.