Woodland Team


Barry Anderson

Mike Edwards

John Nicholson

Barry Anderson
Barry is an Environmental Biologist, specialising in arboriculture and woodland ecology. Carrying out a range of projects for a variety of clients, across the UK, he has over ten years experience as an environmental surveyor and consultant.

Working with John Nicholson Associates, Barry has been involved in a number of projects including woodland management plans, heathland management plans, arboricultural health and safety inspections, native woodland plans, extended phase 1 habitat surveys and badger surveys. Other projects have included tree pest and disease identification, decay detection services, pre-development site tree surveys and bat surveys for barn conversions.

Currently, Barry is working with the Durham Bat Group, surveying a proposed windfarm site in order to assess the potential impacts of the wind turbines on the local bat population. This research project has been ongoing for two years and is likely to run for several more years, both during and after construction.
Professional memberships include the Arboricultural Association and the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM). Barry also sits on the committee for the north east regional section of the IEEM.

Mike Edwards BSc. FRES
Mike is an ecologist specialising in life-histories of and habitat management for both plants and insects. He has a wide experience accumulated over more than thirty years covering a broad range of habitats: heathland, grassland, wetland and ancient woodland. Locations range from established nature reserves, through sites for development schemes and agricultural diversification to the leisure industry.

Within the leisure industry he has provided both informed advice and practical guidance on a broad spectrum of ecological issues on Golf Courses as part of John Nicholson Associates, often working closely with the environmental agencies.

Nationally he has co-ordinated research programmes connected with implementing the Governments Biodiversity Action Plans as well as undertaking research directly. Investigations under this programme between 1997 and 2004 have involved field work on the cultivated machair of the Outer Hebridean Isles, duneland systems in south Wales and a number of semi-natural grassland, woodland and heathland systems in southern England, as well as visits to Germany, France and the Netherlands.

He has completed contracts for all three National Conservation Agencies, the R.S.P.B., the National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, County Councils and Landscape Architects.